Commitment to a ‘speak up’ culture

Wesley College is committed to maintaining a culture of ethical behavioural standards, compliance and good corporate governance.  Wesley College Council recognises that any genuine commitment to detecting and preventing illegal, unethical and unsatisfactory conduct or misconduct must include an appropriate mechanism whereby employees, volunteers, students, parents and members of the wider school community (collectively referred to as “members of the school community”) can report their concerns freely and without fear of repercussion.  Wesley College Council, the Principal and College Executive are committed to a whistleblowing program which promotes a ‘speak up’ culture within the school community.

Internal reporting

Any member of the school community may raise an issue.  A person considering raising an issue should first consider whether the issue may be more appropriately addressed through the College’s existing internal reporting procedures.

Where a person has reservations about raising the issue through internal reporting procedures (for example, in the case that the issue relates to serious misconduct) and/or prefers to remain anonymous, a report should be made through the College’s external and independent whistleblowing service.

External reporting – introduction to Your Call

Wesley College has contracted Your Call Whistleblowing Solutions (“Your Call”) to receive and manage your report with impartiality and confidentiality.  This option allows you to:

  • Remain completely anonymous;
  • Identify yourself to Your Call only; or
  • Identify yourself to both Your Call and the College

The Your Call reporting options include:

  • Online at 24/7
  • Telephone 1300 790 228 between 9am – 12am AEST, Mon – Fri, excluding public holidays

When making a report use the organisation ID: WESLEY1866

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